I have always had an interest in photography, do you offer classes or workshops?

Yes! I offer one on one sessions for beginners and intermediate photographers looking to enhance their business practices, shooting skills and unique style.Each session is unique to each photographer and include a shoot session of your choice. Please email me for details!

What is your Photography Style?
Our photography is a combination of sophisticated modern portraits and photojournalistic candid images. I find that our combination of traditional with allot of modern funk added is the best blend to suit any bride's style. We want to caputre images that will leave you speechless now and 20 years from now.

What type of equipment do you use?
We use professional Nikon cameras, lenses, and flashes. We have plenty of backup equipment and are fully capable to handle any situation.

How far in advance should I book my wedding?
We book weddings anywhere from 6 months to 2 years in advance. Most of our brides secure our services between 9-12 months.

What happens at and after our first meeting?
Our first meeting will be our chance to get to know each other a little better, learn our styles and to go over your wedding specifics. We will talk about your wedding plan, timeline, and what you are looking for in a photographer. It is very important to have chemistry with your photographer, it will put your mind at ease on your big day. After you decide I am the one for you, you can fill out the wedding information sheet, sign the contract, pay your $1000 non-refundable deposit and begin planning your engagement session!

Where can we see the products you offer?
Click Here to see our products list and use our contact form to for emailed pricing for our Wedding or Portrait sessions.

When I hire Stephanie Lynn Photography will I get Stephanie as my photographer?
Yes, always. In addition to Stephanie, when hiring for a two photographer package, you will also get Stephanie and her partner, Paul Reilly. Paul has been photographing weddings since 2006 and has learned from Stephanie, so their styles are very similar.

Do you offer destination wedding photography or how far do you travel?
Yes, I do offer destination weddings. Pricing begins at $2800 for full coverage, plus travel expenses. I travel within the Jacksonville, St Augustine area at no charge. Contact me for charges for outside of that area.

Picture pointers for Seniors:

We love accessories & ideas: If you are the cheerleader, football player, book worm, drummer, baseball player, or yearbook editor. Whatever you are into, we want to know. Bring your drum sticks to your session, your favorite book, your favorite glove, whatever it is that represents you. Want to take pictures on the foot ball field? Let us know. The more we know the more personal your pictures will be.

The Right Clothing: Makes ALL the difference. The style we shoot reflects who you are and how you look. Take a look through a magazine and see what models wear. Be sure to bring an outfit that you feel comfortable in. The best idea is to bring a mixture-something that’s just you (like those pink converse you never take off), and traditional for mom & dad with a little something flashy or unique for you.

Patterns: Busy patterns are very messy looking in pictures. Solids are usually best. Cool wild patterns can be fun if limited to a few colors.

Colors: Black is always good. Colors that pop work are fun to work with. The best thing is to bring 3 varieties of color in the outfits. Also, always be sure your outfits are hung and not stuffed into a bag that will wrinkle.

How many outfits’ changes are best? 3 is great. 4 is max. More than 4 outfit changes can get a little crazy and by the time you are done changing that many times you aren’t that into the moment anymore and may not get the best possible image. It is better to have 3 great outfits than 10 poor ones.

Arrive early: Your session time starts at your scheduled appt time. If your appointment is booked for 2p, be ready in front of the camera by 2p.

We love Fun & Funky: Funky attire allows for even more personality and creativity. Your style expresses who you are. Bring your silly mustache glasses, red clown nose, or pink wig to your session. Something fun & silly always makes people smile.

Spectators: Bring a friend or family member if you feel that will help you relax. Don’t bring anyone that may make you feel awkward or uncomfortable when you are in front of the camera. Moms are allowed as long, just keep in mind, they are usually more cooperative is you let them be their selves.

Weather: We are in Florida, so the weather is pretty unpredictable. Always assume the session is still on until you hear otherwise. If the rain is a problem, call or I will contact you to reschedule your session. Weather is just one thing we can’t control.

Girls: Go shopping early; get all of your outfits ready with jewelry, shoes, hair clips, and any other accessories. Have your make up, hair, nails, whatever else you like, done by a professional. Use neutral colors on your makeup for a fresh look. Dark colored makeup can make your eyes look dark. White is a bad color for photos because it makes you look larger, darker colors and sleeves will make you look thinner. Try your look out before you actually use it. Apply your makeup the way you want it done, hair done somewhat alike, and try your clothing all on together to make sure it works. Try a hairstyle that can be easily changed, not a ton of hairspray and teasing. Remember your favorite item, jewelry & accessories.

Guys: Shave, make sure you have everything together the night before, and hang your clothes. Get to bed early the night before to look your best. Remember your favorite item, hats, glasses and any other accessory.